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Zul Jaini Videographer

  • Sarawak, Malaysia

I'm Zul, a videographer based in Borneo. Outside from work, I enjoy exploring iconic buildings / architecture / interiors, latest tech and minimalism.


Still using my 2018 Macbook Pro. Still gets the job done tho. M1/M1X? *psst*

An insanely good monitor with HDR feature.

The only speakers that fit my workspace aesthetic. The sound quality is just out of this world.

The best noise cancelling headphones ever. I just can't get enough of the quality it produces.

An alternative to a Magic Keyboard if you prefer a keyboard with backlit. Looks great if you're working in a dark environment.

No doubt the best purchase I've ever made. Really love the ergonomic design of this mouse. No more muscle strain, LOL.

A beautiful and minimal-looking gaming chair. It's comfortable enough for long periods of sitting.

Going for a very plain and dark aesthetic as I hate having too much colour on my workspace. I personally hate a workspace that's cluttered with so much stuff.

I avoid my workspace being cluttered by keeping bunch of my stuff inside the Ikea Helmer Drawer System next to my desk. Probably the best solution to keep your things out of sight.


Most of my works are done with:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Video Editing Software)
  • Adobe After Effects (VFX and Motion Graphics Software)
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic (Photo Editor)
  • Notes (To write plannings and checklists)

Questions about this setup? Want to say hi?
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