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Victor Yuyang Luo Designer @ Work & Co

  • Los Angeles, CA

Hello! I'm Victor and I'm a digital designer based in Los Angeles. Currently, I'm designing digital products at Work & Co. When not designing, I am usually wandering the streets with my film cameras, listening to tech podcasts, and experimenting with different pour over coffee recipes.


The most advanced laptop Apple offers today. It's very powerful, but also very hot and noisy. It works fine for me but I can't wait to upgrade it to the new 'M1X' version when that one comes out.

Like many have said: if you don't have $5000 lying around to spend on a Pro Display XDR, this is the second-best external monitor for Mac.

Are you tired of ugly, cheap black monitor arms and don't have a budget for Herman Miller? Me too. You'll be surprised how hard it is to find a good-looking (and white) monitor arm with a reasonable price tag. This one from ZGO is clean, has good cable management, and supports my LG monitor with no problem.

A good entry-level Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. It comes in white and doesn't look like a gaming keyboard.

Best mouse for productivity.

I don't care what you think but this is the best size iPhone.

I like to have some music playing while designing. HomePod is a perfect choice for me as it sounds great and I can easily Airplay music from my computer. Yes, it is expensive but it's not too bad when discounted (which is very often).

Comfortable chair with amazing design by Yves Béhar. You can find it pretty cheap second-hand.

A solid standing desk if you want to use your own desktop (Mine is an IKEA kitchen countertop).

A classic work lamp from IKEA that is extremely affordable and functional. I prefer a clip-on lamp like this to save desk space.

I don't write stuff often so a beautiful, minimal, all-brass pen is all I need to jog down some quick notes. Plus, it could also be used as a mechanical pencil by changing the adapter!

A nice addition to any standing desk. It provides under desk storage while holds my laptop which frees up my desktop.

It's white and doesn't look ugly. I mostly use it for my AirPods.

This one is for my iPhone and I really like its fabric exterior.

Like many who work from home, I have my setup at the corner of my small apartment living room. Being a visual person, I want my setup to blend in with the rest of the home environment rather than stand out as a techy workspace.

I like my desk setup to be as simple and clean as possible while maintaining functionality. That's why I try to keep a white/light color scheme and hide cables to reduce visual clutter. As a designer, there are always things that I'm not 100% satisfied with and would like to upgrade. But with a limited budget, I'm pretty happy with my current setup.


Nowadays, I mostly use Figma and Principle for product design at work. I still use Adobe Photoshop for visual design for personal work, even though I don't enjoy using it. Like many Adobe software, it's powerful and industry-standard but incredibly slow and buggy. In addition to that, I use Adobe Lightroom Classic for photo editing and post-processing mainly because of all the presets I've been using for years.


I just joined Work & Co earlier this year but have already been working on some cool stuff for Herman Miller and Google. I'm currently redesigning my personal website(yes, it's that time of the year again), so check out Work & Co website for recent projects like MTA Live Map!

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