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Vee Talbert Graphic Designer @ NASA

  • Lowell, MA

Hi there! I'm Vee! I'm a 22-year-old self-taught graphic designer and independent artist currently working full time for NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. When I'm not working on a creative project, I'm usually found with an iced coffee in hand, traveling the world, caring for a jungle of houseplants, dabbling in interior design, or working with horses. I’m passionate about politics, tattoos, hiking, social justice, shopping local, appreciating a nice typeface, and spending time outside.


My personal computer — 27 inch, Retina 5K display, 2017. Upgraded RAM to 64gb. 512GB internal storage and running 3 5TB external backup drives.

Connected to my work laptop via OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock.

12.9 inch, 3rd generation, 64gb internal storage, Space Gray. Used with a 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

I moved from the Northern Virginia / DC area up to Massachusetts around this time last year when my job became remote during COVID-19. My boyfriend and I found this incredible waterfront loft apartment, right on the edge of a river, in a historical mill building and instantly fell in love with the space. Not the worst spot to be working from home!

He and I actually built both my desk and my monitor stand to create my little studio / office corner. I have a bit of a complex setup and needed plenty of space for both art and design work, so we decided to customize something that would meet all my needs. The monitor stand is solid wood, sturdy enough to hold both of my computers as well as my external hard drives, thunderbolt 3 dock, work laptop, and iPad on a shelf, where they're all plugged in and accessible, but not cluttered.

My desk is made from an IKEA worktop and two sets of drawers, the left side for storing camera and technical equipment, and the right side for my paper products, pens, pencils, and art supplies. There is also a contractor power strip and cable raceway mounted underneath, so that everything stays powered and charged but out of sight. I also have two IKEA Hektar work lamps which have wireless charging pads on their bases, and of course, some of my favorites from my houseplant jungle right beside me.


As a graphic designer I spend most of my time in the Adobe Creative Suite - primarily Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Lightroom. On my iPad, I'm using almost exclusively Procreate studio and Lightroom Mobile.


Right now I'm super busy with my work for NASA - I've recently worked on design projects for people like Vice President Kamala Harris, former astronauts and current NASA Administrators Senator Bill Nelson and Pamela Melroy, and of course a whole staff full of brilliant scientists and engineers. I'm super lucky to do what I do!

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