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Tom Hitchins YouTuber & Freelancer

  • Devon, UK

I'm Tom, I was a teacher but now I make aesthetic tech videos on YouTube. I also work as a photographer and videographer on a freelance basis!


A very recent PC build, this is a beautiful little powerhouse for me. I use this for pretty much all of my video editing. Specs: Ryzen 7 5800x, 32GB RAM, 1TB M2 SSD, GTX 1070Ti.

Decent 4k monitor that's good for colour grading.

Wonderful sounding PC speakers. Expensive, but cool.

Matches the PC case nicely. Cherry Red switches.

Love this console, perfect compliment to regular PC gaming.

Link is the best.

The Nintendo Switch on the left shelf is plugged into the monitor directly so I can play some Mario or check on my village while videos export :)


I use Adobe Creative Cloud for everything I do;

  • Premiere Pro for video editing
  • Lightroom for photo editing
  • Photoshop for detailed photo edits / YouTube thumbnails
  • Audition for podcasting
  • InDesign for graphic design & layout work

I work between a Windows desktop and MacBook laptop so all my software needs to be cross platform, so it's always Adobe for me!


Consistently working on my YouTube channel and expanding my freelance photography and video work. I've also started working semi-regularly for a marketing company.

📺 Byte Review on Youtube

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