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Thomas Paul Mann Co-founder & CEO of Raycast

  • London, UK

I'm Thomas, co-founder of Raycast, which is a productivity tool to speed up everyday tasks. It's the first time I'm building a company which also happens to be fully distributed. Before, I was a software engineer at Facebook, where I was working on augmented reality. My passion is to make things for people who make things. It's the amplifying effect with tools that I'm interested in. If I'm not in front of a Mac, you'll most likely find me cooking or doing sports.


Processor 2.4 GHz 8-Core and Memory: 32 GB. TL;DR My coding machine.

One of the sleekest displays available. I like that it has a built-in camera. The quality of the camera could be a little bit better.

I've waited for this keyboard half a year to be available in Europe. It's built for a lifetime and I couldn't imagine typing without it anymore.

I switched to the trackpad because I'm also working sometimes just on my Mac. I found it easier to switch if you aren't used to an external mouse.

I've recently jumped on the hype train and got the big AirPods. First, I was hesitant because they are quite heavy but I'm really enjoying them for working at home. Haven't tested them in an airplane yet ;-)

The microphone is a good balance between quality and design.

Because I'm sitting in front of a wall, I don't get good lighting. This light improves your video calls a lot. Plus, you can control it from you Mac.

Added a Fully Jarvis Magnetic Desk Hook. I got this recently to hang my Apple AirPods Max to keep my desk clean. The magnet can hold up to 35 pounds!

Always Moleskine! And always dotted soft cover.

I love this pen. It's small and simple and the polished chrome looks great. I got it with a "TPM" engraving.

I like my desk clean to minimize distractions. For this, I use my Mac in clamshell mode with an external display. I usually have one maximized window open to concentrate on the given task and have my notebook handy for sketches and thoughts. Also, I have the Do Not Disturb option enabled on all my devices. I rather pull information than get overwhelmed by push notifications.

🖼 Download the wallpaper here


In no particular order: Linear for issue tracking, CleanShot for all-things screenshots, Around for quick video calls, Notion for note-taking and knowledge management, Front as shared email inbox and Raycast (shameless plug) for doing everything a little faster.


I'm working on Raycast, which is a productivity tool to get stuff done faster. Think of it as a Swiss Army knife for your Mac: Quickly launch apps, join video calls, create Linear issues, manage GitHub pull requests and much more.

It's the first time I'm working in a fully distributed company, hence my advanced video conference setup. It also happens to be the first company my co-founder and I are building.

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