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Ramon Gilabert Interaction Designer @ Lobe

  • Barcelona, Spain

I'm Ramon, an interaction designer at Lobe helping you train machine learning models and integrating them to your app. In the past, I spent time creating inspiring experiences at Red Bull, thinking of new ways to interact with stories, videos and events. An engineer by training, I quickly transitioned to design around 6 years ago with the mission of creating beautiful things and putting them out in the world. In my free time, I cohost a podcast called Safareig.


I used to do all my design work on a MacBook Pro with an external display until the iMac changed it all. The screen is gorgeous and its simplicity is almost perfection.

Always turned on, this is the screen where I search, scribble quick notes, play podcasts and find inspiration on.

The original AirPods fit my ears perfectly and they make for a great companion for my afternoon calls.

I originally bought this one in Santa Monica because they weren't available in Barcelona yet. The HomePod is really nicely built, and I enjoy its sound a lot.

I got a white iPhone for the first time ever and there is no going back.

I built my own desk cutting an IKEA tabletop and putting it on top of a Jarvis Frame, the legs are well built, and being able to stand is really nice to have.

Paired with a Muji Ballpoint Pen, this is my Trello, my Things and my way to get quick calculations done when building prototypes.

There is one small thing that doesn't appear in the images but it's always been a big inspiration of mine. I once purchased a Bob Dylan illustration from Malika Favre, and I love the way it's illustrated, designed and framed.


For day to day design, concepts and explorations I enjoy Sketch, it's the only tool that can get me to a state of flow really easily and I've been using it since Sketch version 1. For prototypes I use Origami Studio because no other tool has as much versatility as Origami does. All my icons go to IconJar, so I can reuse them later.

For productivity I use Apple Mail, Things, Notes (though I've been trying Craft lately and I love Muse), and for sound editing I use Logic Pro. To build all my image classification machine learning models I use Lobe.


I am currently working on Lobe, an easy to use app that lets you train machine learning models for free and simplifies machine learning into three really easy steps. Lobe is one of the most approachable tools in the market right now to start training models.

Outside of work, I've been talking to my cohost weekly for the past 47 weeks, so we can ship new episodes of Safareig on Mondays.

In the coming weeks, I'll probably be working on revamping my portfolio—I want to see how to merge my newly discovered passion for vinyl aesthetics, graphic design posters, and web design.

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