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Rafael Conde Product Designer @ Superlist

  • Amsterdam, NL

Hi, I'm Rafa and I love to build digital products. I'm currently designing Superlist, a modern take on productivity tools, making some Mac and iOS apps on the side, and recording a weekly design podcast with my friend Kevin Clark.


These new Apple Silicon Macs are incredible, completely silent and ridiculous fast. I have it hidden and propped up under the desk top.

I've been so frustrated by the current landscape of external displays, for so long, that I sold all the gadgets I wasn't using anymore and got this monster of a display. It's not a perfect or even a very convenient monitor, but it's makes work everyday that much more enjoyable.

These aren't very good computer speakers, but as a little music speaker and assistant it shines.

I've been using a mouse + trackpad combo for almost 10 years now, and a computer feels broken without it. Dragging layers while simultaneously panning and zooming becomes that secret super-power you didn't know you needed.

This has been my microphone of choice for years now, recommended by Bryn Jackson and Marco Arment.

An electric/smart mug is as ridiculous as it sounds — but do you know that feeling when you sit at your desk with your freshly brewed cup of coffee, you take a sip, blink, and all of a sudden it has been 15 minutes and your coffee is now cold? I don't, not since I got this mug at least.

One of the downsides of the Pro Display XDR is a lack of a webcam — this one is pretty good and it was designed to fit this particular monitor. When I'm not using it I hide it behind the monitor with a custom made attachment.

I have an external SSD tapped to the back of the monitor stand, always connected, and set up for a continuous Time Machine backup. Highly recommend it.

These headphones are still a banger — they look and sound great.

This USB hub sits behind the monitor and allows me to connect the mic, webcam, external SSD, ethernet cable and there's still some ports to spare.

I like to remove any distractions from my desk, and focus as much as I can on the actual display — that's why I love being able to hide the laptop under the table-top, hide the webcam behind the monitor, the USB hub etc…


As a designer, I use Figma for work and Sketch for my personal projects. Code is written in Xcode and Nova, Safari for web browsing, and Mail for email.

At work we use Superlist, Linear, Pitch, and Slack.


One of my favorite side projects is a simple Mac app called Hand Mirror, it's a one-click access to your webcam — something I was constantly searching for before joining Zoom calls.

It's been a dream of mine to build my own Mac app ✨

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