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Linus Rogge Empathetic Designer & Creative Developer

  • Hamburg, Germany

I am Linus, an independent creative mind working on products to shape the future for the better and remove clutter for creating solutions that simply work. At the age of 11, I first got my hands dirty with code, followed by discovering my passion for minimal design spanning various fields. In early 2020 I began freelancing. Starting fall of 2021, I will be building life-changing products at TWENTY EIGHT with a few friends.


Manufactured in late 2018, this is my first self-purchased Mac of which I dreamed of for a long time. Doing its job well, but I am still excited to upgrade to an M1 soon.

Great colors and resolution and definitely enough space for all windows.

The gorgeous cameras and iOS are two main points that made me choose this phone as my daily driver.

Constant company for taking notes, reading, browsing. Also the pencil is a priceless enhancement.

ANC is the best thing that ever happened to this world and every time I enter a train I am nothing but blessed.

Love the minimal design and for its size the sound is truly incredible. In addition, you can pair two to create a stereo sound setting.

Because I wanted to keep my previously-bought table top, I found these height adjustable legs to work very smoothly. Paired with a IKEA GERTON table top (155x75cm).

Great and stylish way of having a glass of water or a few cookies on your desk.

I like to keep things simple, so I reduce clutter on my desk to focus on my work only. Completely switching to a digital lifestyle helped me to make room for more space and visual clarity. The chair is super comfortable and ergonomic, but also not the most stylistic one. Hard to find a good one that is matching both and doesn't cost a fortune.


All my design work either happens in Sketch or one of the CC applications. I code using VSCode.

Other tools that I find very useful are:
Tweek, very minimal weekly tasks planning tool
Roadmap, great addition to Tweek for visualising the progress and roadmap for a project
Timing, time tracking tool
Raycast, excellent mac spotlight search replacement
Tempo, minimalist mail app worth every penny


I've recently reworked my personal website to reduce infos and design to the bare minimum, making it easier to focus on the content and the work that I am showcasing. It was a nice experience to really put my mind to it for 2.5 days and create a new experience.

Besides that, TWENTY EIGHT is growing and I am loving what we are creating and building together. Follow for updates on great software and design.

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