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Lasse Jensen 3D Designer @ Kompan

  • Odense, Denmark

My name is Lasse Jensen, I go under the alias Maybejensen. I run a freelance visual studio with over a decade of experience working with marketing architecture and products, mostly through renderings but lately also photography. I've been starting to get into video production, the plan is to do something on YouTube sometime soon.


Built for both CPU/GPU rendering. This is my main workhorse.
CPU: Ryzen 9 3950X
Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero
GPU: RTX Titan
RAM: G.Skill Neo 32GB 3200 MHz
Case: Fractal Design Refine R6 USB-C
PSU: Corsair AX860i - 860W PSU

I'm not a huge fan of the monitor market as it currently stands. I tried the LG Ultrafine at an apple store once and decided I needed one for color critical work. Picked this one up on Ebay, best monitor for imagery that I've owned so far.

I know... I know.. That's a gaming monitor. But 144Hz is nothing to be sneezed at, especially when navigating viewports and moving around the desktop. This is my main productivity monitor, the LG Ultrafine is for color work.

I'm one the few people that's never owned a laptop, but I needed something for when I had in-person meetings or had to edit photos on the go. The iPad Pro was the answer.

Love this keyboard for work, but i go get my mechanical Keychron K2 when I need to do some light gaming. It's not as wide and since i play at low sensitivity I often tend to bump my mouse into the craft.

Great for phone calls and working out. Quick and easy to grab on the go.

My desk is setup for work. My mouse being the exception. It's super comfortable and holds a charge for weeks. Definitely worth the money.

Supports windows hello (face unlock) and makes me look better on conference calls (which is needed). Expensive, but worth it.

My latest luxury purchase. I love good audio and I love design. So when I was looking for a replacement for my old Bose Q25, it was between either the airpods max or the H95. I went with the latter, mainly because it's a Danish company and I wanted to support them. So far no regrets.

The Nest is my best drunk purchase to date. I use it for all my nig nags that I'd usually keep close by in a drawer. But after moving in my SO and downsizing the setup to fit in our small apartment, I had to get rid og my Alex unit. The Nest is a great substitute so far, it holds all my cables for charging, business cards, usb sticks and SD cards plus it functions as a wireless charger and a vallet tray. I bring it to work everyday.

A pair of simple monitors for when I'm alone and need to kick back. Also great for collaboration, headphones don't really allow people to listen in.

As 3D is a very hardware demanding craft, I'm currently forced to work on a beefy desktop PC. My main software of choice only runs on windows, so OS wise I'm also locked in. I'm hoping in the future to be able to live of photography and video work. This way hopefully, I'll have more freedom to choose my hardware, OS and workplace. Someday, maybe.


  • 3Ds Max and Corona for 3D work
  • Photoshop / affinity photo for post processing
  • Lightroom for my photos and some 3D work
  • Premiere for video
  • Notion for basically everything from invoices to notes
  • Microsoft to-do for daily tasks. Syncs easily with my iPhone.


Currently I'm working on getting my freelance business up and running. To see more of what I'm working on, have a look at my website.

Questions about this setup? Want to say hi?
Check out Lasse Jensen’s Twitter, Instagram or Website.