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Jeorge Paolo Designer, Photographer & Video Creator

  • Metro Manila, Philippines

Currently working as a designer for a startup here in the Philippines. Balancing a full time job with freelance gigs and content creation on the side. Trying to grow both an Instagram account and a YouTube channel.


Investment as a designer. Well, macOS never really looked great on a 1080p display so I got myself a 4K one to get those crispy pixels.

Runs this setup most of the time as this is my work laptop. Find the 🌃wallpaper here.

My personal and main device for content creation. I use this to edit my photos for Instagram and videos for YouTube.

Works best when working in the dark. The only light that illuminates the whole setup.

A 2:1 Speaker System. Good for its price but lacks a little on the highs, can be fixed via equalizer apps. Got a cool looking knob for volume control.

One of my best investments so far. Yes, you need to manually crank the lever to go up and down, but it works great.

Perfect for topping up your battery while your phone is propped up straight so you can see notifications at a glance.

Just gotta love macOS gestures.

Mechanical Keyboard of choice. Changed the keycaps to a White Japanese Apple-Themed custom keycaps.

Mouse of choice. Was picking between the MX Master series versus the MX Vertical, went with this due to wrist injuries.

This is actually the 4th version of my setup but there's an on going theme with every setup I had, it has to be minimal and functional. Every item on my desk has its own use and purpose that keeps my everyday work life worth while.

This setup can be powered and run by 2 devices:

  • Docking the MacBook Pro for work
  • Docking my iPad Pro for content creation


For work, I use Figma as my main design tool. Slack and Google Workspace apps for mailing, communication, and admin stuff within the company.

For freelance work and content creation, I use Figma, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Adobe Lightroom, Keynote, Concepts, Procreate, Pinterest and LumaFusion.


For my day-to-day work as a designer, I handle most design tasks for the company but currently focusing more on UI/UX stuff.

For content creation, still working on growing my Instagram account and currently trying to get back to making long form content for YouTube.

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