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Ilya Miskov Product Designer

  • Tallinn, Estonia

Hey, I'm Ilya. I am a Product Designer based in Estonia. I am a very visually oriented person hence why in my work I try my best to make everything pixel-perfect and evoke feelings through my designs. On my free time I stream, make Youtube videos and build mechanical keyboards.

I am currently available for new work, so you can check out my LinkedIn and hit me up!


This laptop can handle pretty much everything I throw at it without breaking a sweat. That's how amazing the M1 chip is. But personally I can't wait to upgrade to the 16" MacBook Pro with the M1X chip.

This is probably the best monitor I've had. It's bright, peaking at 600 nits, has a 3840x1600 resolution at 144hz with an insane color accuracy. On top of it, it's a huge 38" ultrawide which makes editing videos and working with Figma documents a lot easier.

As much as everyone loves using the MX Master 3, it just doesn't work for me. For me the Magic Trackpad is the best pointing device for Mac, and it's also consistent with the built in trackpad in my MacBook Pro.

I use the M1 version of the iPad Pro with a Liquid Retina XDR display. I mainly use it for photo editing, video editing, drawing and taking notes with my Apple Pencil.

The best pencil for an iPad. It's especially useful it you take a lot of handwritten notes, sketches or if you're an artist.

My favourite phone of all time. I am bound to the iOS as I find it very clean and user friendly and the hardware of the phone is just as amazing.

These might be overpriced, but honestly after using quite a lot of headphones, I'd say these are best in class when it comes to build quality, noise-cancellation and transparency mode. Sound-wise these are also amazing.

Apart from the lack of per key illumination, I think this is the perfect keyboard for Mac. The design, the feel of the keys, the sound, all works perfectly for me.

An absolutely fantastic microphone. I use it with a Blue Compass boom arm for voiceovers, streaming and video conferences.

This is the main source of light that I use for streaming and video conferences.

I use this aluminum stand to dock my MacBook Pro in. Works wonderfully!

I use this watch daily to keep track of time, receive notifications, weather updates, and use it as a fitness device.

Amazing sounding speakers for my Mac. Although these are located behind the Ultrawide monitor (I have nowhere else to put them), those still sound a lot better than the monitor's built-in speakers.

They are ergonomic, breathable, very comfortable and very clean looking.

For my design work I specifically use a MacBook Pro hooked up to an LG 38" Ultrawide monitor. I find the MacBook Pro to be more convenient than a stationary computer. I can unplug it and take it anywhere, work in a cafe or under a tree at the park. It's super convenient! And only a Mac can give me the consistency and all the apps and tools that speed up my creative process. Not that Windows computers are terrible by any means. But they just can't keep up with the necessary tools that I need.


  • Figma
  • GoodNotes
  • Things
  • iA Writer
  • Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Spotify

On my Mac I also use several little tools that speed up my design process or just help me daily.


I am currently working on my personal website which doubles as a portfolio, and setting up my Youtube channel where I'll be uploading design related videos and tech reviews very soon. Follow me on Twitter for updates.

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