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Dennis Cortés Lead Product Designer @ Mothership

  • Nashville, TN

I currently lead the product design team at Mothership, produce music as Cordio, make YouTube videos, design for coffee at Taste Notes, make icons at OS Icons, work on ideas at Trademarked, and run my Patreon.


My work laptop that I use at Mothership for design, code, and administration work.

Monitor I use at my home work setup for design and code. Absolute favourite monitor I've ever used, plus it has a camera for easier video calls.

My work mouse that I use at Mothership at my desk setup. I have bad wrists so this really helps out.

I love the small form factor, aesthetic, and customization.

Tablet of choice to use for sketching, note taking, research, and non-design/code work.

A must-have accessory for any iPad Pro users. Great for sketching and taking notes.

My phone and OS of choice, I prefer the smaller form factor of the Mini model and upgrade every other year.

My choice of headphones when I'm not making music. As a musician I highly recommend the sound quality.

I have 2 of these, one on each side of my desk. Super affordable while providing a nice, soft light to work in.

I ordered this table top in the 8ft variant and some legs and built my own custom desk to house both my work setup and gaming PC setup side by side.

I have 2 of these up in my office to display my music and office gear when they aren't in use.

My favourite hardware synth I own. Almost unlimited in what it can do and how much fun it is to use.

A smaller, more sequencer focused version of the OP-1. Almost palm-sized plus very fun and easy to get started with.

A palm-sized synth and sampler that is incredibly fun to use and a great price point for starting off.

A synth and sequencer with a huge library of synth sounds and easy customisation. Highly recommend if you need a lot synth sounds.

Great for live music pad and transition setup. Recommend for anyone wanting to get into live music for a crowd or even some friends.

Used for vocal, effect, and acoustic instrument recordings.

For the top of my desk at home, I put all my desk supplies and necessities in here to keep my space organised.

My smart watch and fitness tracker that I use. Love the new form factor that came with this iteration.

Super comfortable backpack that I use for travel and work, fits more than you'd expect.

I built this desk myself because I needed something large enough for 2 setups but didn't want to spend $750+ on a desk. Instead I built it using a slab of wood and legs from IKEA, and it now holds my main setup on the left (for design and music) and my secondary setup on the right (PC for gaming, streaming, and video editing). I also built the shelves myself just with some items from the hardware store.

I've also installed sound reduction foam throughout the room (not pictured) for when I'm working on music to help dial in the audio quality and mastering process.

I believe that setups should encompass what you love and are passionate about, so I've tried to surround my setup with items that bring me joy without inhibiting productivity. I also have a movable standing desk setup that I use to get a slight change of scenery or to use for filming YouTube videos.

Of course, setups are always a work in progress so not sure when I'll ever be 100% happy with it. Always trying to improve workflows and limit distractions!


For day-to-day work I mainly use Franz, Figma, uBar, Bartender, Things, Notion, and Chrome. For music I use Ableton Live 10 along with plugins such as Arcade, Portal, API-2500 Compressor, and J37 Tape. For videos I use Premiere Pro and iMovie.


As the lead product designer at Mothership, I am leading a few project initiatives based on current OKRs around growth and enterprise customers as our C-level team looks to raise our next round of funding.

I am also working on Taste Notes with a few friends of mine. Taste Notes will be an app that helps people track, review, share, and discover coffee. I'm a huge fan of coffee and have had this idea for a few years, excited to see it come to fruition in a couple months.

For music, I'm currently finalizing 2 new albums—an ambient and a beat album that I am releasing this summer. I am also working on videos on my music breakdowns and visualizers.

For YouTube and Patreon, I am working on a few product design videos as well as a vlog of the recent outing the Mothership team had.

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