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Connell McCarthy Senior Designer @ Shopify

  • Ontario, Canada

I call myself an all-encompassing creative because I love working on everything from design, photography, and motion design to development, interior design, video editing, and music. I have a passion for finding the blend between aesthetics and functionality.


My most recent setup is using the M1 Mac Mini specifically for development. I have a 15" Macbook Pro for everything else.

This monitor isn't 4K or anything, but the ultra-wide real estate is a must-have for music production and development.

I love the feel of Apple's Magic keyboards, the tactile responses just feel right. I alternatively use a Keychron K4 mechanical keyboard.

I've used a variety of mice, from the Logitech MX Vertical, to the standard Apple Magic mouse - but I wanted to change things up and try out using the trackpad.

Having the ability to swap all my peripherals between computers just by plugging in one cable was, and still is - a big obsession of mine. The Belkin Thunderbolt dock goes a long way in helping that process.

I'm a big fan of the Focusrite Scarlett audio interfaces. I started with a 2i2 and upgraded to the 8i6 recently. It's amazing, and I don't think I'll change audio interfaces anytime soon.

I've used a monitor stand in the past, but the full shelf gives me a lot of opportunity for hard drive storage, and to store things like the Mac Mini, thunderbolt dock, and audio interface.

This is my studio space - it was designed specifically to get myself into the right headspace for the work I do there. The black wall color was chosen mindfully because I wanted my surroundings to fade away into the darkness and let my creativity flow out onto whatever I was working on.

I have a more minimal setup on the other side of the office for my 9-5 design work that is the complete opposite atmosphere. All white, with minimal distractions to keep my focus on the work in front of me.


  • Figma
  • VS Code
  • Spark
  • Lightroom
  • Ableton


I've been working on the go-to-market strategy for our new(ish) product, Shopify Inbox. Inbox is the combination of our previous products Shopify Chat, and Shopify Ping.

With this project, I got to use all sides of my creative skills from 3D design and rendering for the various background sets, motion for the animations on the brochure page, art direction during the photography shoot, and even going as far as making the music for the promo video. I've been wanting to work on a project like this here at Shopify for so long and I'm glad it finally happened.

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