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Carlos Melegrito Designer

  • Melbourne, Australia

Hello! I’m Carlos— a designer-developer combo based in Melbourne, Australia. For work, I make apps: from product design, all the way down to front-end engineering. Outside of work: I spend my time outside, going on hikes and taking photos with my film camera.


Where all the work gets done.

For design, a big screen is a must. And then, the Retina display — once you go @2x you can't go back!

Apparently Apple's stopped making these. I'll cherish this all-black (grey? space grey?) set for a while.

This one's second-hand, and it's still pretty good. But yeah, I know — I'm due for an upgrade.

I love them so much, but the ones I've got are broken. The left earpiece is a little distorted. Been meaning to go to the Apple Store to replace it.

My workspace faces a wall, next to a window. The setup is great for me, but for folks on the receiving end of video calls, all they see is, well, my silhouette. This lamp (sent to me by my work!) lights up my face, and occasionally, I use it as a regular ol' lamp.


Interface design: Sketch and Figma. The industry standards. Visual design: Blender and Pixelmator Pro. One for my 3D work, and the other for painting the textures that go on my 3D work. Digital photography: iPhone X and Apple's Photos app. Great for the rare occasion I don't have my film camera. Software development: Xcode and Tower. One for building apps, and the other for version control. Both really fun to use.


This one's tricky! There's a big project I'm working on right now, but I can't say until it's released. Stay tuned.

The most recent project I've finished however, is Reveal. It's a Mac app built by the team at Itty Bitty Apps, and the best way to describe is it's kinda like "inspect element" but for iOS apps. Basically, a way to debug app screens, but in a really cool, visual way.

I worked on the overall product design, plus the interface, website, and app icon.

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