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Carl Barenbrug Creative Director @ Minimalissimo

  • Edinburgh, Scotland

Based in Edinburgh I spend my time crafting a range of visual things for screens, researching minimalism, exploring technology, designing products, publishing thoughts, and destroying my skin in repeated attempts at climbing rocks and plastic. I also run Minimalissimo, a magazine and creative studio dedicated to minimalism in design.


Using a late 2020 with M1 chip. Incredible device. Great power and impressive battery.

The ultimate space-saving monitor. Beautiful design.

A matte black beauty. These wireless headphones not only look great, but work brilliantly with my devices. Good sound quality too.

One of the most beautiful chairs around. Designed by Hee Welling for HAY, it is comfortable, but not ergonomic enough for long periods of sitting. So regular screen breaks required.

A sculptural piece for the desk and a utility lamp in the winter.

Nothing special. It's a simple little foam tray with a couple of nice indented details for pens.

For stationery, it has to be MUJI. So good. So simple.


My browser of choice is Safari. I write all my articles and notes on iA Writer. Also use Photoshop to edit all my images. My code repos are hosted in GitLab. Here are a few other tools in my workflow:

  • Tempo (Minimal distraction free email)
  • Visual Studio Code (IDE)
  • Sketch (UI and templating)
  • Kirby (Content management system)
  • ButtonDown (Newsletters)
  • Hover (Domain management)
  • mymind (Bookmarking)


I'm currently making a Minimalissimo photo book focused on architecture and interior design. I'm also developing the Minimalissimo LAB. I also have a Now page where you can follow along for updates.

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