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Arda Karacizmeli Principal Designer @

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hey there, I'm a Principal Designer at In recent years, I had the pleasure of building's Design System and Design Language. Now I'm focusing on the Core Experience of our Web-based products. On the side, I run a design agency called Lightweight Labs and an online Slack community called Design Leaders, a space for diverse group of design leaders to connect. I also love playing guitar and working on music.


Late 2020 with the M1 chip. Very impressed by the speed and battery life.

This is a very nice 32 inch 4K IPS display. It features almost zero bezels and has lots of color spaces, including ones specifically made for Mac. It also has lots of different types of ports, which comes in handy.

I really like the feel of the keys and the minimal design of the Magic Keyboard. Also looks great alongside the Magic Trackpad.

After trying many different pointing devices, I decided that nothing can replace the user experience of gestures and the haptic feedback the Magic Trackpad provides.

The Aeron chair is a design classic. It's comfortable, durable, and looks beautiful. Mine is the standard finish with the Mineral color.

UAD produces top-notch hardware and software for music production. This audio interface is Thunderbolt powered and has great audio quality with low latency. It also comes with great plugins such as the Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe, which is as good as it gets for guitar amp simulators. The interface has its own processor that the plugins run through, freeing up processing space on my Mac.

These are great studio monitors with a clear mid and high range which works well with guitar playing. They do take lots of space on my desk but it's totally worth it.

My primary guitar is a '94 Stratocaster. I had it for over 10 years and it had many modifications throughout the years but it still feels and plays like day one :) This guitar has lots of sentimental value to me.

This is the acoustic guitar I use to play around with ideas. It sounds great both acoustically and electronically through the built-in pickup. Martin manufactures excellent guitars for decades.

I've recently purchased this to learn how to play bass better. It's not necessarily a beginner's guitar but I find it to be very versatile and funky!


I use Notion for almost everything including my todos, planning, and other knowledge management. It's flexible enough to fit all my needs. For designing and building, I use Figma, VS Code, and Hyper. For music production, I use Ableton Live.


Recently, I've been working on updating my personal website to showcase my most recent work. It turned out to be a great opportunity to reflect on my work but also to practice my UI and coding skills. I built the whole website from scratch using Next.js and React and added couple of fun animations and cursor interactions. I've learned quite a lot during the process :)

I'm also currently working on expanding Lightweight Labs. Throughout last year we ran design system workshops and consulted companies on how to scale their work through design systems. We also improved Design System Checklist, our open-source collection of best practices for anyone building design systems.

And lastly, I'm running the Design Leaders Slack community. We're growing at a steady pace, having meaningful conversations where we amplify our knowledge, and making solid connections. We also have lots of job postings for high level positions at great companies.

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